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If you’ve ever had to hire people, did you sort your applications into three piles: Mad, Hopeless, or Possible? For his Antarctic expeditions, Ernest Shackleton did, and thank you to Fairway Independent’s Guy Schwartz for sending along this article on recruiting. (At least click on the link to look at photos of when men were men, not like we are now when none of us even know how to change our own oil.) In the Antarctic it is springtime, the end of September and end of the 3rd quarter everywhere. In the Northern Hemisphere, places like Minneapolis are losing 3 minutes a day of sunlight. Lenders and vendors are certainly hoping that their company never sunsets…How profitable was your 3rd quarter? LOs and lenders are continuing to face hard times for the foreseeable future as we head into the autumn and winter. Be sure that your financial counterparties, such as warehouse banks, investors, and broker-dealers, are kept up to date on your P&L and plans for profitability going forward. (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s podcast is sponsored by AIM-Port, an appraisal management platform built to reduce costs and elevate the borrower experience for lenders managing appraisal operations. Go to for more information or click here to reach out to a team member today!) Lender and Broker Products, Services, and Software Broker and Non-Delegated loan originators: amidst changing mortgage landscapes and increasing competition, anything is possible with the right people to support you. With Pennymac TPO, you have a lender you can depend on for the long run. Pennymac’s Broker and Non-Delegated clients rely on their proven experience, led by an executive team with a track record for building scalable and sustainable businesses. Feel at ease working with a public company with financial transparency. Have confidence even after the loan closes with Pennymac’s seamless, uninterrupted servicing experience. Pennymac retains all of their servicing. Their balanced business model makes it possible for them to focus on top-notch customer experience for your borrowers. Sign up to become a partner today with Pennymac TPO, a lender who has the strength and stability to support you and your goals! Interested in working at Pennymac TPO? AEs in the West, contact Eric Yang. In the East, contact Scott Houp.