How to Perform Securitization?

how to perform SecuritizationSecuritization audit industry is an evolving industry. It is interesting to see how the banks react to the securitization audits, the affidavits and the filings, plus more. Securitization auditing has yet to fully reach full potential market depending on who you ask.

Securitization audits are still used and uncover the different players on the mortgage loan in question. Use a securitization audit today to assist you in foreclosure defense. You can also take a securitization audit and mail it to your lender certified mail with a letter. It is a good idea to get professional help when doing such things of course, though let them know a securitization audit has been done and make sure you put all your correspondence with them on record, such as certified mail, signature mail receipt, etc. Use a securitization audit today from securitization audit pro, llc.

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